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Code loading
Script tag
  • scripts are resolved through urls
  • script tags can be created dynamically
  • async loading through the async and defer attributes
  • scripts share the window global scope
  • modules can be imported dynamically
  • modules are resolved locally
    • global modules resolve through node_modules
  • modules are loaded and executed synchronously
  • modules have their own global scope
ES6 Modules
  • Browsers: the type="module" attribute changes the behavior of scripts
    • allows import / export declarations
    • module loading requires full urls
  • Node.js: native module loading is supported since node v8.5.0
    • module loading through local paths and node_modules
  • See Modules
Module loaders
  • Module loaders are a proposal for how host environments resolve module names in a consistent yet extensible manner.
  • Module loader spec
Module bundlers

Bundlers create a file(s) containing all the needed modules.

  • require's cli
  • Gulp (only concatenates files)
  • Browserify (CommonJS only)
  • Rollup (ES6 Modules only, tree-shaking)
  • Webpack (tree shaking, async loading)
  • load.js / SystemJS (async loading)
  • See Dev tools